Phytognosis means plant knowledge. We are dedicated to making 100% natural products derived from plants that aid in spiritual attainment within all traditions. Each Product is made from organic or ethically wild crafted botanicals taking care to respect the Earth and all of its creatures. We use no cheap fillers or fragrance oils, and make all of our products following astrologically auspicious times and dates.

Phytognosis specializes in rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, roots, and leaves for use during your ritual. We craft incense blends from classic grimoires, the bible, Voudon and other African traditions, as well as Hoodoo and Native American traditions.  

We would be more than happy to discuss custom work involving incense, oils, powder, inks, tinctures, or other brews not currently listed.

Our company is your number one source for professional service and high quality botanicals.  
‎"thumbs up, they are luxuriant, evocative and quite sensual....they burn well too!" and "the aromas are divine."- Shani Oates author of TUBELO'S GREEN FIRE
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